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Civil news: faster cost appeals and supporting documents

Appeals are processed more efficiently if you check you are only sending documents independent cost assessors need to reach a decision.


Remember to consider the paperwork independent cost assessors need to see when you exercise your right to appeal against our decisions on cost claims.

By only sending in relevant documents you can make sure independent cost assessors can see relevant information easily.

We are obliged to forward all the documents you send us when you make an appeal.

This means the independent cost assessors may have unnecessary paperwork to work through.

Appeal process

If you wish to appeal our initial decision on a claim, the appeal must be made in writing, within 28 days of notification of the assessment decision.

You should:

  • set out full reasons for your appeal
  • only provide the relevant supporting papers

As explained above, it won’t always be necessary for you to submit your full file of papers.

Further information

Published 12 July 2017