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Civil news: family mediation contracts moving online

Contract Work Administration system to be used for family mediation work.


We are developing a new online administrative system to help you manage your family mediation contracts.

This will give you improved access to the information you need for your contract work.

These changes fit in with the government’s commitment to digital services and will deliver benefits and savings all round.

The project should be completed by the end of February 2015 and will cover the following:

Contracts and schedules

Creation, maintenance and access to contracts and schedules in the Contract Work Administraion (CWA) system.

This will mirror what is done for legal help and crime lower in CWA. Support will be provided for providers who do not currently use the system. This should help providers to get set up.

Submission of claims

This will put in place a process for providers to submit claims through CWA. Again this will draw on what is done for legal help and crime lower. Support will be available.


We are looking at how the payment process will work in future and will update you as soon as we can.

Financial statements

A new statement for mediation will be created and will be available through CWA.

Further information – to raise any questions or concerns

Published 22 January 2015