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Civil news: escape cases team adopts new process to reduce rejects

New approach for civil, mental health, immigration and asylum controlled work handled in Liverpool.


A new process is being adopted by our escape cases team in Liverpool to try and reduce the number of claims that are rejected.

This will apply to escape case claims in the following categories:

  • civil
  • mental health
  • immigration
  • asylum work

It is voluntary to take part but the idea builds on the success of a similar approach on civil certificated bills – see news story link below.

How will the process work?

  1. if we see a reason to reject the claim we will send you an email explaining what we need from you to stop this happening
  2. we will then hold your claim for 24 hours
  3. we will review your claim if you email us back within 24 hours

What about other categories?

All legal help and controlled legal representation work will continue to be processed as they are at present.

Will this process be extended?

We will look at extending this process to claims processed by the escape cases team in our Jarrow office which deals solely with cases submitted on the EC Claim 1 form. We will let you know when a decision has been made about this.

What do I need to do?

Remember to provide an email contact on your EC Claim1 form or covering letter when submitting claims.

Completion of our reject checklists before submitting your claims will also reduce the likelihood of a claim being rejected – see links below.

Reminder about reject fix service

We would also like to remind escape case providers about our reject fix service. This is open to both licensed work and escape case claims arising from controlled work.

How does reject fix work?

If a claim is rejected back to you but you feel the reasons given for the rejection are incorrect you can email the reject fix service.

We will then investigate and let you know within 24 hours whether or not the claim has been correctly rejected. One of 2 things will happen:

  1. incorrect rejection – we will ask you to resubmit your claim priority processing and if we acted incorrectly the rejection will be removed from your performance statistics
  2. correct rejection – we will ask you to resubmit your claim for processing as normal and explain what was wrong to help you with future claims

Further information

EC-CLAIM 1: escape fee case claim form – use this link to download checklists to use with claim forms

Justice website: New approach to claims with missing information – news story announcing similar approach for certificated cases

Email: Reject fix service

Published 23 October 2014