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Civil news: CCMS design upgraded

Further upgrades to make the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) more user-friendly will be rolled out over the next 3 months.


We’ve upgraded the design of the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) to make the screens simpler.

The new design went live on Monday 2 November and screen shots are available on the CCMS website (see link below).

DMA Law has been involved in testing this upgrade. A spokesperson from the firm said:

I have used it (the upgraded system) a number of times and find it very clear and concise.

For me there is no need to flick back and forth to go to the next part of the assessment. The system does it all for you, which is great as it is very time efficient and easy to follow.

I’ve done lots of applications now so know what needs to be there. But I think, for new users, this will make things much easier and straightforward.

Future upgrades

Other upgrades will follow over the next 3 months that will make CCMS more user-friendly.

Future upgrades to the merits and means sections of CCMS will mean that:

  • you will only have around half the number of screens in the assessments sections
  • you can track your progress through assessments and
  • you can navigate back and forward to different sections in the assessments

We’re currently exploring similar changes to the billing section. We will also introduce a faster document upload process.

These upgrades respond directly to your feedback. We will test most of the upgrades with a group of providers before releasing them into the live system.

Why should you use CCMS now?

The upgrades don’t change how the system works and won’t require you to retrain. So you shouldn’t wait for them before using the system.

It’s important that your organisation becomes familiar with the system now – it will take time to train your staff, adapt working practices and get used to the system. In particular, we advise you to:

  • start submitting most of your new civil applications electronically if you aren’t already and
  • increase the volume of complex work you are processing through the system.

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Published 2 November 2015