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Civil news: CCMS countdown to 1 February 2016

We’re working to make our training reflect your needs before the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) becomes mandatory.


Review and new training offer

We’ve reviewed our training so that you get the support you need in the 4 month run-up to mandatory use of the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) (from 1 February 2016).

More than 9,400 of you have accessed our training so far. For those who haven’t, providers and chambers have told us that it can take from 3 to 6 months to train staff, adapt processes and get used to CCMS.

With more than half of new applications now being processed through CCMS, we would also urge advocates to start accessing our training.

In this article, we focus on 2 sources of training and support. We will publicise other support available on an ongoing basis.

Training sessions

Our training sessions are now more interactive, responding to your request for more detail and sessions that cover end-to-end processes. For example, we run sessions on:

  • all the means and merits questions that CCMS asks
  • family law and housing law (more category specific sessions will be launched this autumn)

We run 12 sessions every fortnight. To book, use the link below.

Q & A sessions

We run Q&A sessions every day at 4.15pm for 45-60 minutes. These are themed on one of the following:

  • means
  • merits
  • billing

We also offer a Q&A session specifically for advocates/chambers.

For more information, use the link below.

Your feedback

We have 2 new training feedback forms for providers and advocates. – see links below. Send us your feedback, including what training would help you. Costs lawyers should use the same form as providers.

Further information:

Training sessions

Q&A sessions

Provider feedback form

Advocate feedback form

Published 30 September 2015