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Civil news: avoiding case outcome delays and speedier payments

Submit case outcomes and upload supporting documents once only for faster payments through the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).


Remember to avoid repeating actions when submitting claims in CCMS as this could lead to a delay in your payment being processed.

Duplicate outcomes

You should submit all the case outcomes in CCMS for all proceedings covered by the legal aid certificate before preparing your final bill.

If you submit further or duplicate case outcomes there is likely to be a delay in payment of any claim. This is because the case outcomes need to be processed before the claim.

Case outcomes and claims cannot be dealt with at the same time because they are separate processes in CCMS.

The system will not release your claim for processing until all case outcomes have been dealt with, including any duplicate case outcomes. So, unnecessary duplicates will cause delays.

Detailed guidance for submitting an outcome is available on the CCMS training website.

Repeated document uploads

Upload supporting documents once only when these are requested by CCMS.

Repeating a document upload means delays to the processing of your claim because:

  • you are spending longer than necessary working in CCMS
  • we are spending longer checking your documents

Detailed guidance is available on uploading documents into CCMS – see below.

Further information

CCMS training website: closing cases and submitting bills – guidance on completing outcomes and uploading documents for claims submitted in CCMS

CCMS training website: navigation in CCMS

Civil processing dates

Submitting case ‘outcomes’ and prompt payments – GOV.UK news story 9 March 2017

Published 4 October 2017