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Civil news: automatic email confirmations for new applications

Users working in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) will now receive email confirmations when submitting applications.


Email confirmations are now being sent out whenever a logged in CCMS user makes an application for new work.

You have to be using your own log-in to receive an email. It should also be noted that email confirmations will only be triggered when an initial application is submitted.

Where there is more than one stage to your application then the email confirmation will only be sent out for the first part e.g. first stage only for dual emergency applications and not the substantive amendment.

Why have we made this change?

  1. Feedback from users shows that they would like to know we have received their applications straight away.
  2. We want to reduce the number of calls we receive from providers to see if we have received an application. This will mean extra time for our staff to focus on processing your work.

Further information

CCMS training website – for guidance about online working

Published 25 January 2017