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Civil news: 2018 contract interim arrangements end 7 September

Interim arrangements to deliver civil contracts are ending at midnight on 7 September 2018.


It is important for providers to accept their 2018 Standard Civil Contracts by 7 September 2018.

Providers may still execute their contracts later than 8 September but will not be able to open new matters until they do so.

We made interim arrangements, which were published on 31 August 2018, to allow providers to continue working without having accepted contracts.

These arrangements only applied to providers:

  • advised by us that their contracts have been successfully verified but who have been unable to execute their contract in Contracted Work and Administration (CWA)

  • who have successfully completed verification but are yet to be assigned account numbers for new offices Details of the interim or ‘contingency’ arrangements and a further update on 3 September can be downloaded on the 2018 civil contracts tender page.

Civil contract work from 8 September 2018

From 8 September 2018 all providers must have a 2018 Standard Civil Contract which they have accepted in CWA to be able to undertake work.

Almost 1,400 contracts have been uploaded into CWA with a small number of contracts being uploaded on 7 September where issues have been resolved. However, there are 100 still to be accepted, with some of these having been uploaded over two weeks ago.

Outstanding issues

We are continuing to resolve outstanding issues and upload contracts for acceptance. Such outstanding issues include where organisations:

  • have submitted information for verification after the initial deadline of 20 July and in some cases close to the final deadline of 31 August

  • are yet to provide compliant AC1 forms to enable account numbers to be assigned

We will continue to contact organisations that still have outstanding issues. This will be done on a case by case basis.

Further information

Civil 2018 contracts tender page – to download details of interim arrangements

CWA detailed user guides – for ‘contract acceptance user guide’

Published 7 September 2018