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Changes to grading and timing of GCSEs (A* to G): October 2014

These changes relate to when candidates can take GCSE (A* to G) exams. Also the grading and reporting of internal assessment.


We are updating our Criteria for GCSE Qualifications, with the changes to come into force at 12.01am on 31 October 2014. The changes relate principally to when during the year candidates can take GCSE (A* to G) exams and aspects of the grading and reporting of internal assessment for these qualifications. The changes are implementing decisions we have previously announced.

We have, in accordance with section 140(8) of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 (ASCLA), determined that the provisions of section 140(6) of ASCLA do not apply to this revision of our accreditation criteria. This means that the relevant qualifications do not need to be re-accredited

Published 30 October 2014