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Centre for Defence Enterprise funded contracts

The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) has today published details of the innovative research contracts it has funded.

CDE contracts infographic

You can now view, in one place, all of the contracts funded through our themed competitions and the enduring challenge competition for this year and the last 2 financial years.

We will continue to add to this information after successful contracts have been placed after each CDE competition.

Andy Nicholson, Head of CDE, says:

Industry across the board, both primes and SMEs, have told us that they would welcome much more visibility as to who has been awarded which contract by CDE. Openness and visibility are founding principles of CDE so I’m very pleased that we are now in a position to make this information available and easy to find.

Since it opened in May 2008. CDE has to date received 5508 research proposals and funded 907 of these at phase 1 to a value of £55.7 million. Around 70% of CDE-funded contracts have gone to SMEs and innovators in academia.

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Published 3 February 2015