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CEN Updates July/August 2015

Changes to standards and technical documents updated by CEN that affect those carrying out chemical measurement in support of regulation.


The following list shows standards and technical documents published by the European Standardisation Organisation, CEN, during August and September, some of which are relevant to chemical measurement in support of regulation.

EN/ISO13196:2015 - Soil quality - Screening soils for selected elements by energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry using a handheld or portable instrument. This method specifies the procedure for screening soils and soil-like materials for selected elements when handheld or portable energy-dispersive XRF spectrometers are used and is assumed to be applied on-site to obtain qualitative or semi-quantitative data that assists decisions on further sampling strategy for assessing soil quality.

EN/ISO 9698:2015 - Water quality - Determination of tritium activity concentration - Liquid scintillation counting method. This method details the procedure for determining tritium activity in waters using liquid scintillation counting. With suitable technical conditions, a detection limit of 1 Bq/l can be achieved. Tritium activity concentrations below 106 Bq/l can be determined without any sample dilution. A prior enrichment step can significantly lower the limit of detection.

EN/ISO 10504:2015 - Starch derivatives - Determination of the composition of glucose syrups, fructose syrups and hydrogenated glucose syrups - Method using high-performance liquid chromatography.

EN/ISO 13162:205 - Water quality - Determination of carbon 14 activity - Liquid scintillation counting method. This method details the procedure for determining the 14C activity of waters using liquid scintillation counting. 14C activity concentrations below 10(up)6 Bq/l without any sample dilution.

Published 9 September 2015