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CEN update June 2015: information affecting chemical measurements

Changes to standards and technical documents updated by CEN that affect those carrying out chemical measurement in support of regulation.


Anyone carrying out chemical measurement in support of regulation should be aware of the following standards and technical documents published by CEN during June 2015.

EN16720:2015 - Automotive fuels - Determination of high-boiling components including fatty acid methyl esters in petrol and ethanol (E85) automotive fuel - Gas chromatographic method. This method is applicable to high boiling material, such as FAME or diesel fuel, having a boiling point greater than or equal to 1-methyl-naphthalene. The standard is applicable to materials having a vapour pressure low enough to permit sampling at ambient temperature and a boiling range of at least 100 °C. This method pays special attention to fatty acid methyl esters.

EN16187:2015 - Foodstuffs - Determination of fumonisin B1 and fumonisin B2 in processed maize containing foods for infants and young children - HPLC method with immunoaffinity column clean-up and fluorescence detection after pre-column derivatisation. This method has been validated in an interlaboratory study via the analysis of both naturally contaminated and spiked samples.

EN/ISO12966 Part 4:2015 - Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Gas chromatography of fatty acid methyl esters - Part 4: Determination by capillary gas chromatography.

EN/ISO18218 Part 1:2015 - Leather - Determination of ethoxylated alkylphenols - Part 1: Direct method. Part 2 of this standard offers an indirect method.

Published 2 July 2015