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Become a pharmaceutical assessor at MHRA

MHRA has launched a campaign highlighting the work of pharmaceutical assessors and the role they play in protecting public health.

Pharmaceutical assessor

Today the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) launched a campaign highlighting the work pharmaceutical assessors do and the difference they make to public health. The campaign aims to attract people with a variety of backgrounds relating to the development, production and quality assurance of medicines.

Rabiea Abdullah was a locum pharmacist within the community but had always had an interest in how the medicines she dispensed made it to her pharmacies. She said:

Although I enjoyed working at the front line of healthcare by supplying medicines to patients, I was always curious about the process in which pharmaceutical products are designed, developed and tested to produce a medicine that is safe, efficacious and fit for purpose.

Pharmaceutical assessors play a key role in medicines licensing and post marketing surveillance ensuring medicines are as safe as possible for patients and deliver their intended benefits.

Staff at MHRA say that variety is one of the main positives of the role. Dr Rowena Hancock, Pharmaceutical Assessor, said:

The work is very in depth and covers all aspects of the product development process from first concepts and pharmaceutical development through to the final manufacturing process.

No two applications are the same and as a result the work is very varied and rewarding.

The roles we offer can involve all aspects of the regulatory process, including making decisions and advising industry.

Another pharmaceutical assessor, Dr Simon Lewis is a pharmacist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry. He particularly enjoys working with clinical trial applicants. He said:

Over the last year I have been involved in the urgent assessment of clinical trial applications for Ebola vaccines which have the potential of reducing the effects of this devastating disease and saving lives.…

See what other pharmaceutical assessors have to say about the role and find out about the benefits of working for MHRA and see available vacancies.

As the medicines regulator, MHRA offers a unique experience in the UK and assessors gain an early insight into medical research, new medicines and new uses for existing medicines. This includes working with colleagues across Europe.

The agency also offers employees training opportunities to excel in their role. Seun Sogbesan was initially attracted to the agency’s strong reputation in Europe and the value placed on pharmacists. She said:

MHRA has a strong emphasis on training and continuing professional development to help develop the competencies for the job as well as for broad interest.

Pharmacists are highly valued within the Agency and the assessor role offers clear career progression.

I enjoy making a contribution to the licensing of quality medicines which will be used by a large number of patients in the UK and within Europe.

As a pharmaceutical assessor you are helping to shape the industry from the inside out.

Published 25 January 2016