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Anji vs Tottenham

Advice for fans travelling to Russia for Tottenham’s match with Anji on 3 October 2013, Europa League

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Date: 3 October 2013

Venue: Saturn Stadium, Ramenskoye, Moscow Region

Kick off time: 20:00 (local time)

As well as this advice, check out our travel advice for Russia

Passports and visas

  • British citizens need a visa to travel to Russia, and your passport should be valid for a further three months after your Russian visa expiration date
  • Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid in Russia, so travel/health insurance is essential, even if you’re only going for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you find yourself in difficulty
  • It is essential you carry your passport with your Russian visa and migration/registration card with you at all times – in particular, you’ll need to carry your passport to the match to gain entry to the stadium
  • The police conduct ID checks, and want to see original documentation
  • If you lose your passport or have it stolen, you should report the loss to the local police as soon as possible in the first instance and obtain a police report or confirmation of loss from the police
  • The British Embassy can then provide you with an emergency travel document (ETD) and advise on how to obtain an exit visa so that you can leave Russia and return home

Getting to the stadium

  • Stadium [Saturn] is located in the Central city Park of Ramenskoye town. Trains from from Moscow Kazansky railway station departs every 15-20 minutes (journey time-about one hour, one-way ticket costs 83 Roubles)
  • Buses from metro station [Vykhino] (journey time-40 minutes) or by car: along Novoryazanskoe highway through, Lyubertsy, D. Zhilino, Zhukovsky, or Egoryevskoe highway through Tomilino, Kraskovo, Malahovka (journey time-35 minutes)
  • On 3 October 2013 there will be a free train to/from Ramenskoye for fans (accommodating about 1,000 fans)
  • Departing Moscow Kazansky railway station at 17:00 and return train departing Ramenskoye train station for Moscow Kazansky railway station at 23:00

Key Transport Tips for Moscow

  • British Embassy – nearest Metro is SMOLENSKAYA/СМОЛЕНСКАЯ (Light Blue line; Dark Blue line)
  • Domodedovo Airport – is served by a train service “AERO-Express” from PAVELETSKAYA STATION /ПАВЕЛЕЦКАЯ (Metro – Brown circle line; Dark Green line)
  • Sheremetyevo Airport – is served by a train service “AERO-Express” from BELORUSSKAYA STATION/БЕЛОРУССКАЯ (Metro – Brown circle line; Dark Green line)
  • Vnukovo Airport – is served by a train service “AERO-Express” from KIEVSKAYA STATION /КИЕВСКАЯ (Metro – Brown circle line; Dark Blue line; Light Blue line)
  • Stadium website
  • Metro (underground) tickets can be bought for 1, 2, 5 or 11 trips – in all Metro stations (COST: 1 trip – Rbl 30; 2 trips – Rbl 60; 5 trips – Rbl 150; 11 trips – Rbl 300)

90-minute tickets for travel by bus, trolleybus, tram, metro and monorail system services for a limited number of activations (1 activation = 1 metro trip + unlimited ground transportation trips within 90 minutes):

Activation Purchase day no
1 activation Day of purchase 50
2 activations 5 days after the first activation 100
5 activations 90 days, incl. day of purchase 220
11 activations 90 days, incl. day of purchase 450

** REMEMBER to keep your ticket if you pay for more than one trip. **

  • Bus and 90-minute tickets can be bought from the driver (at Rbl 100 for 4 bus tickets or two 90-minute tickets) or from silver ticket kiosks near some stops (COST: 1 trip – Rbl 25; 2 trips – Rbl 50; 5 trips – Rbl 100; 11 trips – Rbl 200)
  • The Metro runs from 5:30am until 1:00am.
  • Buses run from 5:30am until 1:00am.
  • Bus and 90-minute tickets can be bought from the driver (at Rbl 100 for 4 bus tickets or two

At the match

  • Tottenham fans will be located in sector A in the East stand and should enter through the nearby gates
  • Access to the stadium can be slow. There will be ticket checks and body searches at the entrance to the turnstiles. To avoid a last minute bottleneck please try to get to the stadium early - doors will open at 18:00
  • No bottles and cans are allowed to be brought into the ground and alcohol is banned within the stadium
  • No sharp objects, lighters, fireworks, or objects that can be used as a weapon are allowed
  • Flags and banners without poles are allowed subject to size and message content
  • Musical instruments are permitted but checked at the entrance
  • Smoking is allowed only in the “smoking areas”
  • Standing during the game is allowed
  • The stadium has a check-room to leave luggage and objects that do not pass security control


  • Tap water has to be boiled before drinking
  • As in any other city beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers at airports, railway stations, around the town centre and when using public transport
  • Only carry what you need, leave spare cash and valuables in hotel safety deposits
  • Pickpockets operate on the Metro and in tourist areas such as Red Square
  • Don’t smoke or drink in Red Square - it’s illegal and you will be arrested
  • Acts of theft will be prosecuted rather than fined or deported

Minimise the risks

  • Security at the Stadium will be strict and uncompromising – refrain from antagonising the police even if you believe you are in the right
  • Carry your passport at all times. The police conduct ID checks, and want to see originals
  • Carry a note of the address of your hotel (in both English and Russian) – it can help people give you directions and ensure that taxi drivers know where you want to go
  • Keep the number of valuables you carry to a minimum - passport, a credit card, your phone and some money - and ensure they are secure (not in back pockets)
  • Change money at a bank, hotel, or in exchange kiosks – it is illegal to exchange money in the street.
  • Carry the contact number for your travel insurer at all times
  • Carry the address and telephone number of the Embassy so you can call for help
  • Leave a copy of your passport and other important documents safe in your hotel in case you lose the originals
  • Don’t carry weapons of any sort – they will be confiscated and could get you arrested

Drink and Drugs

  • Be vigilant when drinking - pickpockets may operate in some bars
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended – drink spiking is not uncommon
  • Beware of strangers offering to buy drinks for you
  • Don’t turn up drunk at the stadium – security will be tough and you will be refused entry
  • Russia operates a zero tolerance policy on the possession and use of drugs, whether hard or soft
  • Penalties are severe and can result in long jail sentences

British Embassy/Consulate address

Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya, 10
Moscow 121099

British Embassy in Moscow

Embassy Switchboard: +7 495 956 7200

Emergency services numbers

International emergency number (from your mobile): 112 Police: 02 (from Russian public phones only)

Ambulance: 03 (from Russian public phones only)

International SOS (Private, English-speaking ambulance): +7 495 937 5760

What the British Embassy can do

  • If you lose your money or are robbed, the Embassy can help you transfer funds from friends or family in the UK – BUT cannot provide you with money in any circumstances
  • If you lose your passport or have it stolen, the Embassy can provide you with an emergency travel document ETD) so that you can leave Russia and return home
  • If you are detained or arrested in Moscow, insist on contacting the Embassy on 8 495 956 7200 (from within Moscow) or +7 495 956 7200 (if calling from a UK mobile). This number is available 24 hours a day
  • Embassy staff can make sure you are being treated fairly – BUT if you have broken the law, they cannot arrange for you to be released from detention, nor can they pay fines
  • In the case of serious injury or illness, the Embassy can help you contact a member of your family and your travel insurance company
Published 27 September 2013