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AAIB website launched on GOV.UK

This is the new AAIB website on GOV.UK; the old site has been decommissioned.


The AAIB, along with many other government departments and agencies, has been required to move its website to the GOV.UK platform. We would like to assure you that the AAIB’s independence to conduct and report on safety investigations will not be affected by this move.

We would like to thank all the users who completed our survey and who sent us feedback on the beta site. Most of you were satisfied with the new site; however, we received a number of suggestions for improvements and we are working with Government Digital Services (GDS) to try to implement them. Making some types of changes to the site requires us to demonstrate to GDS that there is a strong user need and therefore we would like to encourage you to continue sending us your feedback and suggestions. Please either e-mail us at or enter comments on individual pages by selecting the ‘Is there anything wrong with this page?’ link at the bottom of each page.

The old AAIB website has been decommissioned and will re-direct to the GOV.UK site. We are also working on redirecting all the links in the old site to the appropriate sections on the new site.

Published 15 April 2015