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26 tonnes of undulate ray quota opened to English vessels

The MMO has set the maximum catch limit possible under European regulations for undulate rays to help hard working fishermen.

Undulate Ray Raja undulata
Image courtesy of Flickr user: JJ Merelo

Undulate rays caught in area VIIe are now classed as an acceptable by-catch which can be retained up to a maximum of 20kgs live weight per trip, bringing more flexibility for fishermen in the English fleet.

Martyn Youell MMO Head of Fisheries Management said: “In our regular discussions with the fishing industry, the discarding of undulate rays has been highlighted as an issue in certain local areas. We therefore worked hard with Defra to secure and implement a sustainable level of commercial quota for fishermen.”

The breeding season for undulate ray is Spring/Summer and so this is an ideal time to open the quota. A further 2 tonnes of undulate ray in area VIId is being retained for scientific research to better understand the stock distribution.

Published 6 November 2015