Ministerial role

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Food and Animal Welfare


Responsibilities include:

  • animal welfare
  • climate change adaptation
  • EU exit readiness oversight
  • food chain - with the lead for Food and Drink Industrial Strategy
  • forestry
  • better regulation

Previous holders of this role

  1. David Rutley MP

    2018 to 2019


  1. Forestry Minister: We are committed to future of our woodlands
  2. Gove delivers new bill to punish animal abusers
  3. Whisky and salmon boost Scottish exports to record £1.4 billion
  4. Gove delivers ‘Lucy’s Law’ to protect puppies and kittens
  5. Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 FOI2019/06768
  6. Gove delivers legislation to ban wild animals in circuses
  7. Three new appointments to Forestry Commission
  8. New guidance on the movement of horses and other equines in a no deal scenario
  9. Government urges businesses to prepare for changes to animal imports and exports in a no-deal Brexit
  10. Animal welfare in slaughterhouses