Transport appraisal and strategic modelling (TASM) division

The Transport Appraisal and Strategic Modelling (TASM) division produces guidance for the Department for Transport (DfT) on:

  • project modelling and appraisal
  • value for money assessments
  • analytical assurance

It is also responsible for providing evidence on trends in, and drivers of, strategic transport outcomes, including multi-modal forecasting and simulation of policy impacts.

Our role

Transport appraisal guidance

TASM maintains and develops DfT’s guidance on modelling and appraisal for transport projects (TAG) and provides advice and assurance to internal and external stakeholders. The Appraisal and modelling strategy identifies priorities for the development of Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG) for the next 5 years following the close of the public consultation in October 2018.

Value for money guidance

We develop and update value for money guidance and scrutinise value for money advice submitted to ministers and DfT’s investment boards.

Analytical assurance

We oversee DfT’s analytical assurance framework which provides internal guidance on how analysis should be specified and undertaken in DfT. We also scrutinise the quality of analysis included in submissions to ministers.

Road traffic forecasts

We maintain and develop the National Transport Model (NTM) to produce national road traffic forecasts and estimates of the impacts of national policies on levels of traffic, congestion and transport emissions. We undertake broader analysis of the underlying drivers of road travel and understand trends.

Strategic analysis

We provides analysis on strategic issues affecting business cases across the department.

Joint Analysis Development Panel support

We provide secretariat support to the Joint Analysis Development Panel, which offers expert advice to DfT on its modelling and appraisal methods and strategies.

TASM resources

Documentation about our activities includes:

Joint Analysis Development Panel

The Joint Analysis Development Panel (JADP) was established in 2015 to provide expert advice to the Department for Transport (DfT) on its modelling and appraisal methods and strategies.

JADP terms of reference

Terms of reference for the Joint Analysis Development Panel (PDF, 138KB, 4 pages)

JADP annual reports

JADP membership

JADP brings together academic and professional experts with senior departmental analysts. It is co-chaired by DfT’s Chief Analyst and Science Director, Amanda Rowlatt, and Professor Peter Jones, University College London.

The other academic members are:

  • Richard Batley, professor of transport demand and valuation, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds
  • Phil Goodwin1, emeritus professor of transport policy, University College London and University of the West of England
  • Glenn Lyons, Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility, University of the West of England and Mott MacDonald
  • Anthony Venables, professor of economics, Oxford University
  • Tom Worsley, ITS Leeds

The panel is supported by a broader network of subject matter experts who are invited to attend meetings on specific issues.

  1. Due to other commitments, Phil Goodwin has temporarily recused himself from the Joint Analysis Development Panel.

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