TEMPro (Trip End Model Presentation Program)

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The National Trip End Model (NTEM) forecasts and the TEMPro (Trip End Model Presentation Program) software are used for transport planning purposes. The forecasts include population, employment, households by car ownership, trip ends and simple traffic growth factors based on data from the National Transport Model (NTM). The data and software are available for free, for anyone to use.

Users of NTEM data and TEMPro software are advised to register. The NTEM datasets are updated periodically with updates to data sources, whilst the software is updated from time to time. Registration allows us to inform users when the planning data or software is updated. To register, please email with your name, organisation, email address and telephone number.


  1. Modelling: trip rates investigation 2009

    • 7 May 2013
    • Research and analysis
  2. TEMPro news and additional guidance

    • 17 January 2013
    • Guidance
  3. TEMPro downloads

    • 18 January 2013
    • Guidance
  4. TEMPro introduction

    • 20 January 2013
    • Guidance
  5. TEMPro important information

    • 19 January 2013
    • Guidance

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