TEMPro (Trip End Model Presentation Program)

Lists all DfT guidance about using and downloading TEMPro software.

The National Trip End Model (NTEM) forecasts and the TEMPro (Trip End Model Presentation Program) software are used for transport modelling and planning purposes.

National Trip End Model (NTEM) forecasts

The NTEM data set is created from a series of models developed and run by DfT’s Transport Appraisal and Strategic Modelling division. The forecasts are:

  • population
  • employment
  • households by car ownership
  • trip ends
  • simple traffic growth factors, based on data from the National Transport Model (NTM)

NTEM trip ends, by mode, are based on average rates over a wide area, and mode shares are a derivation from the 2011 National Travel Survey. NTEM does not take into account:

  • the accessibility of each zone by each transport mode
  • changes in the cost of travel by each mode

Modal forecasts should be prepared from appropriately specified mode choice models. Modal trip ends may form a starting point in modelling, but users must satisfy themselves that they are suitable for individual application. Forecasts such as NTEM data sets are always subject to uncertainty. Guidance on creating modal forecasts is available.

Trip End Model Presentation Program (TEMPro) software

Current version of the data set is NTEM 7.0 which is used in conjunction with TEMPro 7.0. If updating to 7.0 refer to the TEMPro additional guidance.

Both data and software are freely available.

Earlier versions of NTEM data sets and TEMPro software are available on request, however earlier versions are no longer supported.


Users of NTEM data and TEMPro software are advised to register for updates. To register, email with your name, organisation, email address and telephone number with “ADD” in the subject line.

TEMPro software, guidance and data

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