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Update to the draft river basin management plans

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The acting on your responses to the draft update document shows how the Environment Agency used the responses received. This document is a joint response for river basin management plans (RBMPs) and flood risk management plans (FRMPs). It summarises the main themes raised during both consultations and states how those responses shaped the updated plans and will influence delivery of those plans for the next cycle.

The updated plans were submitted for ministerial approval in December 2015. See the 2015 river basin management plans.

Feedback received

Water for life and livelihoods: summary response document

Detail of feedback received

The summary response document sets out the engagement and consultation process and how stakeholders and the general public responded to the questions in the consultation.

Original consultation


We are seeking views on the proposed update to the draft river basin management plans (RBMPs).

This consultation was held on another website.

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Consultation description

Have your say on shaping the water environment throughout England via the Environment Agency consultation. Consider the issues, current and possible future action to protect and improve the water environment, and the outcomes that are worth achieving.

Your input matters. Deciding how best to work, what to invest in and where, how fast action should be taken and who should pay is a complex process with significant consequences. The updated river basin management plans will direct considerable investment and action from 2016 and provide benefits to society and the environment.

This is the third of 3 Environment Agency consultations. Previous ones included:

  • Working together (June to December 2012) which asked how the Environment Agency should work with groups and individuals to achieve the objectives of the current RBMPs and develop the updated plans
  • Challenges and choices (June to December 2013) which asked for views on the most significant water management issues for each river basin district in England

Natural Resources Wales consulted on the draft updates to the Dee and western Wales river basin management plans. See the Natural Resources Wales consultation pages.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency consulted on the draft updates to the Solway Tweed river basin management plan. This consultation opened on 20 November 2014 for 6 months. See the Scottish Environment Protection Agency consultation pages.

You were also able to comment via the Save Our Waters campaign, run by Blueprint For Water. From this website you could complete a short or longer survey answering questions about the health of your local water body.

Flood Risk Management Plans

Between 10 October 2014 and 31 January 2015 the Environment Agency consulted on the flood risk management plans (FRMPs). The FRMPs show the culmination of work between the Environment Agency, many lead local flood authorities and other risk management authorities, to identify flood risk and set out how to manage that risk.

Published 10 October 2014
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