Consultation outcome

Standardised European Rules of the Air: increasing infringement fines

This consultation has concluded

Detail of outcome

The feedback from this consultation was considered in drafting The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2017, which includes provisions to increase the penalty for loss of communication with air traffic control.

Original consultation


Seeks views on increasing the maximum fine applied to persons infringing air rules on air communication, flight plans and positioning.

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Consultation description

Seeks views on increasing the maximum fine level applied to persons contravening the Standardised European Rules of the Air. These changes apply exclusively to the regulations on:

  • communicating with air traffic control
  • flight plans
  • position reporting

The proposal will change the maximum fine from level 4, £2,500, to level 5, unlimited, in England and Wales.

Unlimited fine levels can only be made under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO). As LASPO does not apply to Scotland and Northern Ireland the maximum fines in these areas would increase to £5,000 instead.


Published 17 March 2016