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River basin management plans: challenges and choices

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Seeking views on what the most significant challenges for each river basin district or England are, and how they should be tackled.

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This consultation, coordinated by the Environment Agency, is seeking views on the most significant challenges for each river basin district in England, and how these issues should be tackled.

It is the second of 3 consultations. It will contribute to the creation of updated river basin management plans to protect and improve the water environment.

This consultation will share the evidence and information on our water environment, at national and local scales.

With each river basin district consultation, there is a strategic environmental assessment scoping document that we would also like your views on.

If you would like to respond to either the Western Wales or Dee River Basin District consultations, please visit the website for Natural Resources Wales.

Update: Solway Tweed river basin (22 December 2013)

The Solway Tweed River Basin District is a cross-border river basin district and is jointly managed by the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). SEPA are currently seeking views on the current condition and challenges for the future of Solway Tweed river basin. This consultation closes on 22 June 2014.

Published 21 June 2013
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