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Reclassification of Otrivine extra dual relief nasal spray solution (ARM 90)

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Original consultation

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MHRA is asking for feedback on proposals to change the legal classification of Otrivine extra dual relief nasal spray solution from prescription only medicine (POM) to pharmacy only (P).


Consultation description

This consultation seeks your views on the reclassification from prescription only medicine (POM) to pharmacy only (P) of Otrivine extra dual relief nasal spray solution.

The Commission on Human Medicines has advised that this product can be available as a pharmacy medicine and by considering if:

  • this nasal spray contains a new combination of xylometazoline and ipratropium not previously available in the UK
  • it is for the symptomatic treatment of both nasal congestion and rhinorrhoea in connection with common colds, in adults 18 years and above
  • both substances have well established efficacy and safety profiles and the side effects are considered mild
  • further evidence for safe use as a P medicine is based on up to 8 years use as a non-prescription medicine in other EU member states
  • the strength of ipratropium is higher than in current UK products, this dose is required for short term treatment of common cold symptoms, the lower strength is for longer term treatment of rhinorrhoea
  • patients are able to recognise the symptoms of the common cold and availability under the supervision of a pharmacist will help ensure safe supply

You can comment on the proposal in the document above using the reply form that is included in the document. Feedback on issues not already considered is particularly important.

Comments should be sent to MHRA by 18 March 2015. Comments received after that date will not be considered.