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Potato imports from Spain: reducing the risk of Epitrix

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We received 8 responses to this consultation.

An amendment (the Plant Health (England) (Amendment) Order 2016) will come into force on 24 February 2016 to supplement EU measures already in place. These measures apply to potatoes exported from outbreak areas in Spain that are under the control of the Spanish Plant Health Service. The Amendment Order requires that all other potatoes to be imported into England from mainland Spain must be washed first, to kill or remove any potato flea beetles (Epitrix) which might be present.

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Seeking views on plans to introduce laws to protect against introducing the potato pest Epitrix into the UK on potatoes imported from Spain.

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We want to know what you think about our proposal to make it compulsory to wash potatoes before they are imported from Spain.

This is to protect against the risk of introducing Epitrix into the UK. A potato pest, Epitrix would be very damaging to our potato industry. The proposed changes in legislation are in response to several cases where we intercepted potatoes damaged by Epitrix from Spain in 2015. The new legislation should be in place before the main period for importing potatoes from Spain starts in 2016, which is from February. This proposal affects those who import, process, trade and grow potatoes.


Published 30 October 2015
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