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Pharmacy legislation on dispensing errors and standards

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The reports summarise all of the responses and feedback received during the consultation period.

The questions in the Rebalancing Medicines report retain their original numbering from the consultation document.

The response to the consultation on the Pharmacy (Preparation and Dispensing Errors) Order analyses 159 replies. The title of the report now includes registered practices. The proposed Order offers a defence to pharmacy professionals facing prosecution for a dispensing error.

Original consultation


Seeks views on proposals for changes to the legislation on dispensing errors and registered pharmacy standards and other related matters.

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Consultation description

This is a UK-wide consultation, issued on behalf of the 4 UK health departments with their support.

It seeks comments and views on 2 pharmacy-related draft Orders which would amend current pharmacy legislation. These draft Orders are being made under the powers in section 60 of the Health Act 1999 and are subject to Parliamentary scrutiny.

The two draft Orders are:

  • The Pharmacy (Preparation and Dispensing Errors) Order 2015
  • The Pharmacy (Premises Standards, Information Obligations, etc.) Order 2015

Because the regulation of pharmacy technicians is a devolved matter as regards Scotland, the draft Orders must be laid before the Scottish Parliament, as well as the UK Parliament. The outcome of the consultation will be reported to all UK health ministers.

Watch our webinar for more information on the consultation.


Published 12 February 2015
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