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Notice of Proposed Amendment: DSA DFSR 02 Defence Aerodrome Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Regulations


This draft publication specifies Defence Regulations for Aerodrome rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and is subject to a 2 month consultation period.

This consultation closes at

Consultation description

The following from within the Regulated Community (RC) are invited to comment: Aviation Duty holders (ADH), Aviation Duty Holder Facing (ADH-F), Head of Establishments with ADH or ADH-F responsibilities and Aerodrome Managers/Military Flying (AM/MF).

Feedback is through a single Excel template file on the internal MOD SharePoint webpages.


Ownership of Joint Services Publication (JSP) 426 Vol 3 Leaflet 2 MOD Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Services transferred to DSA Defence Fire Service Regulator (DFSR) in 2016, where it separated fire safety regulations from ARFF regulations. Consequently, ARFF regulations were published under cover of a Defence Instruction Notice (DIN) 2016DIN06-010. The JSP has been subjected to a significant rewrite and retitled DSA DFSR 02 ARFF Regulations.

Changes include

  • the regulations mirroring the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Regulatory Article (RA) layout
  • a re-introduction of helicopter categories
  • the introduction of remission ractors under guidance material
  • reduced hazard profile categories
  • a recalculation of aircraft categories

Purpose of Consultation

The objective of this process is to conduct a pre-implementation review of the new ARFF regulations to ensure that they, and any subsequent amendments, meet the needs of defence. The consultation also aims to ensure that any incoherence, contradiction or inconsistency is addressed.

Feedback is invited on the following areas:

  • air or flight safety impact
  • operational impact
  • error or omission
  • timescale for implementation
  • cost of implementation
  • amendment to internal process/orders
  • resourcing the outcome of change
  • contract amendments necessary because of the change


Ways to respond

Published 25 April 2019