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Modernising judicial terms and conditions

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Original consultation

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Proposals to introduce a new tenure for fee paid office holders and modernise judicial terms and conditions.

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Consultation description

With the undertaking to fundamentally reform the courts and tribunals system in England and Wales, the government has been liaising with the judiciary about whether reforms of the judicial system are needed to help deliver this ambitious change programme.

The government would now welcome your views on the following proposals:

  • introducing a new single fixed term for fee-paid judges
  • introducing the ability to recruit to leadership positions for a fixed term, with accompanying temporary remuneration
  • introducing an expectation – rather than guarantee – of number of days existing fee-paid court judges are required to sit
  • removing the entitlement of existing fee-paid judges to claim travel expenses for journeys to their primary courts
  • introducing a requirement for existing salaried and fee-paid judges to provide notice of intention to resign or retire.