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Isle of Axholme de-maining proposals: rationalising the main river network

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Following consultation, we are pleased to announce that we have gathered the public response to the Isle of Axholme de-maining proposals. Responses to the consultation are available on another website.

Overall, the consultation results indicated support for de-maining with the majority of respondents in favour of more localised decision making around flood risk management.

If we decide to proceed with de-maining we will publish a Decision Notice on GOV.UK and in local newspapers.

If anyone disagrees with the decision to de-main they can challenge the decision by email or in writing to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) within 6 weeks of the publication of the Notice.


The Environment Agency would like to hear your views on proposals to strengthen local flood risk management by re-designating sections of watercourses in the Isle of Axholme.

This consultation was held on another website.

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Consultation description

The Environment Agency proposes to transfer responsibility for flood risk management activities on some stretches of watercourses to internal drainage boards (IDBs), lead local flood authorities (LLFAs) and district councils. This means that IDBs, LLFAs and district councils can take more responsibility for their local flood risk where appropriate. The Environment Agency has worked with IDBs, LLFAs and district councils to consider proposals to re-designate some sections of watercourses. The watercourses will be re-designated from main river to ordinary watercourse - a change we refer to as de-maining.

This proposal is to re-designate a section of watercourse in the Isle of Axholme, North Lincolnshire.

This section of watercourse has a low level of flood risk to people and property, and is not associated with major rivers or major population centres. The proposal will strengthen local decision making. This helps the local IDB - the Isle of Axholme and North Nottinghamshire Water Level Management Board - to manage the stretch of watercourse and carry out works where they see fit for the benefit of local people.

This consultation explains all of the information about our proposals, including information about how the proposed section of watercourse is currently managed and funded. The consultation also provides details on future management and funding if de-maining goes ahead.

Published 25 June 2018
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