Driving tests and learning to drive – open consultation

Improving moped and motorcycle training

This consultation closes on


Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads.


Consultation description

This consultation asks for views on changes to improve moped and motorcycle training in Great Britain.

The proposed changes for riders are to:

  • take away (revoke) compulsory basic training (CBT) certificates of riders who get 6 penalty points
  • introduce a training course for riders to upgrade their motorcycle licence, instead of passing extra tests
  • restrict riders to riding an automatic motorcycle if they take their CBT course on one
  • consider introducing a theory test that has to be taken before (or as part of) the CBT course
  • change the CBT course syllabus from 5 parts to 4

There are also proposed changes to:

  • improve the motorcycle instructor qualification process
  • improve the way training courses are quality assured
  • introduce an ‘earned recognition’ scheme for motorcycle training schools
  • move the recording of CBT courses from a paper-based system to a digital service

Ways to respond