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Hunting trophies: controlling imports to and exports from the UK

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13 October 2020: The consultation and call for evidence received 44,470 responses. The COVID-19 emergency set the timetable back, as many of our officials formed part of the response to the pandemic. However, we’re continuing to work on this important area and will publish a response as soon as we can.


Seeking views on whether to introduce further restrictions on hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK.

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Consultation description

We want to know what you think about the options we’re considering for importing and exporting hunting trophies to the UK. The options include:

  • introducing a ban for certain species
  • stricter requirements for moving certain species
  • introducing a ban on all hunting trophies
  • doing nothing (continuing with internationally agreed rules)

We are not asking for views on whether to ban the practice of trophy hunting, domestic sales or possession of hunting trophies.

This consultation is being run at the same time as our call for evidence on trophy hunting. This call for evidence will help us understand the scale of imports and exports of hunting trophies to and from the UK, and associated impacts.

Update: The closing date has been extended by 1 month to 25 February 2020.

Published 2 November 2019
Last updated 13 October 2020 + show all updates
  1. Added a note to say how many responses the consultation and call for evidence received, and to explain why there's a delay to publishing a summary of the responses.

  2. Added a note to explain that there will be a delay to publishing the summary of responses to the consultation on hunting trophies: controlling imports to and exports from the UK.

  3. The consultation closing date has been extended by 1 month to 25 February 2020. This is because some individuals and organisations may not have been able to fully engage in this consultation as a result of the pre-election and Christmas periods.

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