Consultation outcome

GCSE reform: regulations for geology

This consultation has concluded

Detail of outcome

Detail of feedback received

We received one response to this consultation.

This respondent (an organisation based in England) chose not to answer any of the consultation questions. Instead, they commented on high-level issues raised by the overall programme of GCSE, AS and A level reform, all of which were outside the scope of this consultation.

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


A consultation on rules and guidance for new GCSEs in geology.


Consultation description

This consultation is about the rules and guidance we plan to put in place for new GCSEs in geology. These rules will apply to the new geology GCSEs that will be taught in schools in England from September 2017.

This consultation takes forward decisions made following our earlier consultation ‘Development of new GCSEs and A levels for teaching from 2017’, and is part of Ofqual’s work supporting the government’s changes to GCSEs, AS and A levels.