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Flamborough and Filey Coast potential Special Protection Area (pSPA) and Flamborough Head possible Special Area of Conservation (pSAC).

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We are consulting on proposals to extend the Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs SPA and revise the landward boundary of the Flamborough Head SAC

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Consultation description

In July 2013, Natural England submitted a report to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs setting out proposals to extend the existing Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs Special Protection Area (SPA) to ensure that the breeding seabirds of the SPA are protected by its boundary and list of classified features. The Secretary of State has given Natural England approval to carry out a formal public consultation on the proposed changes.

The proposed site has been renamed the Flamborough and Filey Coast potential SPA (pSPA). The pSPA includes a proposed terrestrial extension running from the cliffs at Filey Brigg to Cunstone Nab in the west. This is being considered to incorporate important breeding seabird colonies that currently fall outside the existing SPA. In addition, marine extensions out to 2km from the existing SPA and proposed terrestrial extension are also proposed, due to the importance of these waters to breeding seabirds.

It is also proposed to revise the landward boundary of the pSPA and also the existing Flamborough Head SAC to ensure that coastal change does not result in the interest features of these sites being unprotected in the future.

This consultation is seeking views on the scientific case for the revised pSPA and pSAC. We are also seeking views on the assessment of the likely economic and social impact of this proposal.

Published 20 January 2014