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Egg, sperm and embryo storage limits

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Following the public consultation on changes to gamete (egg, sperm) and embryo storage limits, the government intends to increase the statutory storage limits for gametes and embryos for everyone regardless of medical need to 10-year renewable periods, with a maximum limit of 55 years.

The government’s proposed policy changes reflect the commitment to encourage all types of family formation and increase reproductive choice for all. The legislation will be changed in due course.

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We want your views on changing the time limit for storing gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos for fertility treatment.

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The storage period for eggs, sperm and embryos for fertility treatment is a maximum of 10 years. This can be extended in some circumstances.

We would like to ask you 21 questions about what you think should happen to the storage period. You do not have to answer all of them.


Published 11 February 2020
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