Consultation outcome

Draft South Marine Plan

This consultation has concluded

Detail of outcome

Public responses analysed.  Draft South Marine Plan amended and submitted to Secretary of State for adoption and publication.

Original consultation


Consultation on the Draft South Marine Plans will take place be between 7 November 2016 and 27 January 2017.

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Consultation description

The South Marine Plan has been developed with stakeholders, providing a robust and evidence based plan that is tailored to the economic, environmental and social needs of the south marine plan area.

The plan highlights the need for co-existence, provides guidance as to what activities should or should not take place, and sets out requirements for new activities and developments.

The plan consists of the Draft South Marine Plan – including the plan’s vision, objectives and policies and the Draft Technical Annex which provides more detail to each policy. Supporting documents include the Draft Sustainability Appraisal and the Draft Habitats Regulation Assessment.

Published 7 November 2016