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HM Coastguard proposals for modernisation 2010

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The government’s conclusions on taking forward the process of Coastguard modernisation and the reasons behind them are set out in the 2011 Coastguard proposals for modernisation consultation. The 2011 consultation also identifies those specific changes from the original proposals on which the government wishes to consult further.

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Original consultation


Proposals for a modernised, fully-networked national coastguard.

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Consultation description

This consultation puts forward proposals for a modernised, fully-networked national coastguard that can more flexibly manage the greatly varying demands of its workload.

These proposals will enable coastguard officers to better use their skills and training with a salary that reflects this.

The proposals also aim to change and improve the leadership, management and support given to volunteer coastguard rescue officers, and make better use of their local knowledge and training.

The consultation contains opportunities for comments and suggestions. The consultation is for coastguard staff, coastguard volunteers, partner organisations and the wider general public with an interest in the services the coastguard co-ordination service provides.

Published 16 December 2010