Consultation outcome

AS and A level reform: regulations for geology

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

We have decided to adopt most of our proposals unchanged.

However, we have made changes to:

  • correct a typographical error which referred to direct assessment of practical skills in exams, rather than indirect assessment
  • ensure our requirements for assessing of practical skills in AS exams reflect the full range of the subject content

We have also decided that we should make a minor change to our requirements for monitoring practical assessments in A level biology, chemistry and physics. This change ensures that all exam boards offering A level biology, chemistry, geology and physics will share information about issues identified in monitoring visits with each other.

Feedback received

Detail of feedback received

There were four responses to the consultation, three from organisations, and one from an individual.

One organisation did not comment directly on our proposals, but instead provided general comments on the process for reform of GCSEs, AS and A levels.

The other respondents broadly supported our proposal, but one raised concerns relating to our proposed monitoring arrangements for the separately reported assessment of practical skills in A level geology.

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A consultation on rules and guidance for new AS and A levels in geology.


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