Consultation outcome

An update of the water company drought plan guideline

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

Summary of consultation responses: an update of the water company drought plan guideline.

Detail of feedback received

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Original consultation

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An update of the water company drought plan guideline that takes into account the latest research, practice and experience.

Consultation description

The water company drought plan guideline (WC DPG) sets out what companies must and should include in their statutory drought management plans. These plans focus on the things that companies plan to do to maintain water supply and protect the environment from their operations during a drought.

The WC DPG has been updated to ensure that all technical information is up to date and that lessons learnt from recent research and experience of drought has been incorporated. The updated draft has been reviewed internally within the Environment Agency but we feel it is important to consult with the organisations and individuals affected by the guideline, eg water companies and the general public.

We are focusing only on the WC DPG for this consultation. As a result, responses should be based around whether the edited text highlighted in the draft guideline is suitable and to get answers to the consultation questions provided.