UK defence statistics compendium: index

UK defence statistics (UKDS) is the annual statistics compendium of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).


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About UK defence statistics

Until 2012, UKDS was published annually as a single publication, with many of the statistics being published for the first time in UKDS. Following the recommendations given by the UK Statistics Authority in their assessment, and discussions with internal and external users at the National and Official Statistics User Consultation meetings in May 2013, a number of format changes have been implemented.

From 2013, UKDS no longer contains any new statistics. The statistics previously published in UKDS have been separated and released in individual statistical bulletins in 6 series. This is to allow information on various topics to be published as soon as the data is available, rather than waiting for all the other chapters to be completed, as was the case with previous editions of UKDS. For more information on where the statistics previously released in UKDS are now published, please see the documents in the 2013 section below.

From 2013, UKDS now provides highlights from previously published statistical releases on a number of defence related areas.

UKDS was first published in 1992, and replaced ‘Statement on the defence estimates: volume 2’.


  1. UK defence statistics compendium: 2014

    • 27 November 2014
    • Statistics - national statistics
  2. UK defence statistics compendium: 2013

    • 25 September 2014
    • Statistics - national statistics
  3. UK defence statistics compendium: 2012

    • 19 February 2015
    • Statistics - national statistics
  4. UK defence statistics compendium: 2011

    • 28 September 2011
    • Statistics - national statistics
  5. UK defence statistics compendium: 2010

    • 29 September 2010
    • Statistics - national statistics
  6. UK defence statistics compendium 2012: background quality reports

    • 1 March 2013
    • Statistics - national statistics
  7. UK defence statistics compendium 2011: background quality reports

    • 1 December 2011
    • Statistics - national statistics
  8. UK defence statistics compendium 2010: background quality reports

    • 1 June 2011
    • Statistics - national statistics