Tree planting and woodland creation: funding and advice

Read about opportunities to plant trees and create woodland on your land.

Support to plan your woodland creation project

The following Forestry Commission administered grant schemes can support you to plan your woodland creation project.

Tree planting and woodland creation grants and incentives

The following grant schemes are Forestry Commission administered grants and incentives to support tree planting and woodland creation projects.

Grants and incentives for non-woodland trees

There are a range of grants and available for tree planting outside of woodlands including urban areas or peri-urban areas.

Other sources of funding and advice

There are also a range of grants, incentives and support available for woodland creation as part of a Woodland Creation Partnership or from England’s Community Forests. Find out how these organisations can support your woodland creation or tree planting project.

Support for woodland management

There are a number of Forestry Commission administered grants that can support the maintenance costs of established woodlands.

Published 29 October 2021
Last updated 9 February 2022 + show all updates
  1. Addition of the Forestry England Woodland Partnership.

  2. Information about England's Community Forests and Woodland Creation Partnerships added to the collection.

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