Statutory notice guides

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The Centre for National Information is part of HMRC and regularly sends statutory notices to the owners of certain types of information, asking them to send a return with the relevant details. These information holders have a legal obligation to provide the data asked for.

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These documents are for sending information returns under Schedule 23 of the Finance Act 2011 or Section 887 of the Income Tax Act 2007.

  1. Business rates – statutory notice (BR-01)
  2. Credit unions - statutory return (CU-01)
  3. Fees and commissions - statutory notice (FAC-01)
  4. Fees and commissions entertainment agent - statutory return (FAC-03)
  5. Grants and subsidies - statutory return (GAS-01)
  6. Grants and subsidies housing benefit - statutory return (GAS-02)
  7. Houses in multiple occupation – statutory return (HMO-01)
  8. Income belonging to others - statutory return (IBO-01)
  9. Licences and approvals – statutory notice (RLA-01)
  10. Registered societies (RS-01)
  11. Registers – statutory return (RLA-02)
  12. Rents and other payments arising from land – statutory return (ROPL-01)
  13. Shares and securities – statutory return (SEC-01)
  14. Tangible moveable property - statutory return (TMP-01)
Published 1 January 2014