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Statistics on higher education (HE) initial participation rates are published as “Participation rates in higher education” and include data on 17-30 year old English domiciled first-time HE entrants to UK HE institutions and English, Welsh and Scottish FE colleges who remain in HE for at least six months.

Releases prior to 2008 are available on the Department for Education website.

Participation rates in other UK countries

Scottish Funding Council

Participation rates for entrants to scottish higher education

The Scottish Funding Council now produces two measures of participation, replacing the Scottish government’s API. A higher education initial participation rate and also a young participation rate which is a true cohort measure for 16 to 19 year olds.

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW)

Participation rates for Welsh students in higher education within the UK

This report presents information about the levels of participation in HE across Wales for the academic years 2004 to 05, 2005 to 06 and 2006 to 07. Information on participation rates in HE is presented in a series of maps and charts in Section 1. The analysis is displayed by Unitary Authority, and the maps show how participation levels vary with age, mode of study and gender across Wales.

Department for Employment and Learning Northern Ireland (DELNI)

Higher Education Age Participation Index for Northern Ireland

The Age Participation Index (API) is defined as the number of Northern Ireland domiciled young entrants (aged under 21) to full-time undergraduate Higher Education (in the UK or Republic of Ireland) as a percentage of the 18 year old population of Northern Ireland.


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