SFA: equality and diversity

Aiming to advance equality for all learners and for our staff.

Good practice

The Agency’s equality and diversity innovation fund supports 40 projects led by colleges and training organisations. The fund aims to catalyse good practice across the whole sector.


The equality and diversity infographic summarises some key statistics about the representation and experiences of different groups of learners in FE and skills provision.

The annual equality and diversity data report analyses participation and success rates of apprentices and adult learners by ethnicity, gender, learning difficulties and/or disabilities and age, using data from the individualised learner record. Equality and diversity data report

The learner satisfaction equality and diversity report analyses 365,514 responses to the learner satisfaction survey by age, gender, ethnicity, learning difficulties and/ or disabilities, level of deprivation and level of study.

  1. Learner satisfaction: equality and diversity data report

    • Research and analysis


This research includes authoritative evidence about how to narrow gaps in participation and achievement, and improve experiences for different groups of learners.

  1. SFA: religion and belief in adult learning - learner views

    • Independent report
  2. Engaging individuals with LDD in workplace learning

    • Research and analysis