School preference data collections: closed collections

Documents for software suppliers and anyone else interested in past school preference data collections.

If you are looking for documents for the current school preference data collection, visit our guide to submitting data for the school preference collection.

The documents on this page relate to recently closed school preference data collections, including:

  • the scope of the collection
  • technical specifications
  • what data needed to be submitted

2018 collection documents

2017 collection documents

2016 collection documents

2015 collection documents

2014 collection documents

Published 25 February 2014
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  1. Added the 2018 guide and technical specification to '2018 collection documents'.
  2. Added 2017 collection documents.
  3. Added 2016 guidance documents.
  4. This page now only contains documents relating to closed school preference data collections.
  5. Added the technical and business specification for the school preference data collection 2015.
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