Road accidents and safety statistics

Statistics and data about reported collisions and casualties on public roads in Great Britain.

Latest road casualty statistics

Annual road casualty statistics are published twice each year. Provisional results are published in May for the first release of key statistics, and final detailed statistics are released in September. In-year estimates, providing provisional figures for the first half of the year, are usually published in November.

Estimates of drink-drive collisions and casualties are published separately, now annually in July.

The latest publications are listed below. Previous annual, provisional and drink-drive road casualty statistics are available.

Explore road safety statistics

In addition to regular publications, we also produce summaries of road safety topics. You can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

Interactive road casualty dashboard: visualise casualty data.

Road safety data

Selected road safety data is available in spreadsheet tables and our data download tool. The full datasets can be downloaded as open data.

Road safety data download tool: download bespoke breakdowns of our data.

Road safety datasets: available on

International comparisons of road safety data are available from the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis group (IRTAD)

Surveys of seatbelt and mobile phone use are published occasionally, most recently for 2021.

About the road safety statistics data and reports

Claims management companies may ‘cold call’ people saying that they have records that you were in an accident. They claim to have got your information from the national road accident database or a governmental body. This is not correct. No government agency or department holds names, addresses or telephone numbers of people who have been in road traffic accidents.

If you have been contacted in such a way, it is most likely to be as a result of cold calling or random number dialling. If you are able to get a contact name and number for the company you can report them to the Claims Management Regulator.

Statistics on road safety in Great Britain are mostly based on personal-injury collisions reported to the police in the STATS19 data collection. Further information on STATS19, including strengths and limitations, can be found in the guidance below.

Most of the statistics published are National Statistics. Road casualty statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in July 2009 and again in 2013 with a further compliance check in 2019.

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