Export retail: Help to export products and goods

Help for retailers and consumer brands to export goods and products overseas. Reach more customers through online channels.

The retail sector is one of the most important parts of the UK economy. The Department for International Trade (DIT) is helping the UK retail sector do more business internationally. This includes supporting UK omni-channel retailers and consumer brands to:

  • increase their presence in overseas markets
  • overcome difficulties in getting their goods in to markets
  • develop their product supply chains

If you are interested in exporting your goods contact a DIT trade adviser for a free consultation.

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Use digital to support your export plans

DIT can help retail and consumer brands succeed by improving their digital capabilities. This includes demonstrating to UK retailers and brands how they can use online channels such as e-marketplaces to export their goods worldwide. This support is available online and face-to-face with your local International Trade Advisor through the e-exporting programme.

DIT can help you:

  • identify new and emerging e-marketplaces around the world
  • optimise digital marketing opportunities to extend your brand reach
  • create a seamless, multi-channel approach through all available shopping channels



Case studies

Examples of how companies have benefited from DIT support.

Published 3 June 2014