Social housing lettings

This collection brings together all documents relating to social housing lettings collected through the Continuous Recording (CORE) system.

The continuous recording of lettings and sales in social housing in England (referred to as CORE) is a national information source that records information on the characteristics of both private registered providers and local authority new social housing tenants and the homes they rent.

This collection provides all of the statistical information that the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities produces on social housing lettings and includes:

  • trends in social housing lettings over time
  • characteristics of tenants with new social housing lettings
  • types of tenancy agreements

Summary information about characteristics of the tenants and the properties are available in the annual statistical releases below.

Further information about the uses of CORE data and detailed analyses are available from the CORE website.

Guidance for local authorities as well as more information about the CORE return is available from Provision of social lettings data: advice to local authorities.

As well as CORE, information about social housing is available from other sources. Details about some of these different data sources which are used to generate the latest available data tables (live tables) can be found in Rents, lettings and tenancy data.

General information about social housing is also available.

CORE data users

If you would like to make a proposal to add or amend the information collected on CORE, or if you just want to know more about the review process, please read and complete this change request form.

CORE guidance and manuals

Further guidance and manuals on a range of topics such as data dictionaries, statistical disclosure, the lettings and sales log and log changes can be found on the CORE website.


We are interested in understanding more about how our data is used and the decisions they inform. This is important for us so we can provide a high quality service which meets users’ needs.

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Social housing lettings

The annual statistics releases of social housing lettings statistics, with accompanying tables, maps and infographics are available here:

Live tables

Up to date live tables from the Local Authority Housing Statistics (LAHS) and previous live tables from CORE statistics that have now been discontinued and replaced with the annual statistics releases are available here:

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