Regulatory work: Charity Commission

How the commission regulates charities, makes registration decisions and authorises changes needed to improve charities' effectiveness.

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The documents in this collection set out how the Charity Commission registers and regulates charities in England and Wales.

Our regulatory work

We take a risk-based approach to regulating charities. We also follow the principles of best regulatory practice in our work, making sure our activities are:

  • proportionate
  • accountable
  • consistent
  • transparent
  • targeted

Our regulatory work can affect:

  • all charities
  • a particular group of charities
  • an individual charity

Our risk framework

Our risk framework explains our regulatory approach in more detail, including how we assess risk. It is the tool we use to determine when and how to get involved in work programmes or react to individual cases.

Strategic approaches to high-risk areas

Our strategies for dealing with 3 areas of high regulatory risk:

  • fraud, financial crime and financial abuse in charities
  • safeguarding issues in charities
  • abuse of charities for terrorist purposes

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Published 3 September 2013