Referee analysis cases: sharing information

This series brings together all documents relating to referee analysis carried out under the Government Chemist statutory function.

This project ensures that the statutory function of the Government Chemist is fulfilled, as set out in the Government Chemist Agreement between LGC and the National Measurement Office.

The project will:

  • ensure that analytical results reported for referee samples are accurate and fit for purpose in the context of existing legislation and that interpretation is valid, taking account of all available scientific information relevant to the case

  • provide objective evidence in resolution or prevention of a dispute, maintaining the status and credibility of the Government Chemist function

  • provide evidence for the avoidance of disputes, which can be of greater overall benefit than resolving conflicts once they have arisen

  • improve the approaches and methodology used for defining, identifying and quantifying complex food components and ingredients determined during referee analysis

The project runs from 2011 to 2014.


  1. Aluminium in imported noodles: recommendations for analysis
  2. Methods for the detection of morpholine in apples
  3. Irradiated chilli powder referee analysis
  4. Catfish food tablets: referee analysis
  5. Nitrofuran in shellfish
Published 1 January 2011