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Radioactive land contamination: guidance and information

This guidance and information is aimed at helping readers understand the regime and regulation of land affected by radioactivity.

Local authorities (councils) have a duty to inspect land under the Part 2A regime and have the power to determine land as radioactive contaminated land. Once local authorities determine a site as radioactive contaminated land it becomes a special site and the Environment Agency takes over as the regulator.

This guidance provides an overview of the regime. It also clarifies the Environment Agency’s roles and responsibilities with respect to radioactive contaminated land and other land contaminated with radioactivity.

Further information

An overview of land contaminated with radioactivity

  1. An overview of land contaminated with radioactivity

    • Research and analysis

Guidance to help local authorities to carry out the initial stages of inspection of potential radioactive contaminated land sites

  1. Radioactive contaminated land: Collation of information

    • Guidance
  2. Radioactive contaminated land: visual inspection and limited surveys

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Radioactive contaminated land exposure assessment

Find out about the Radioactively Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment (RCLEA) process used to assess suspected radioactive contaminated land.

  1. Radioactively contaminated land exposure assessment (RCLEA) tool

    • Guidance