Public Health England data release register

This register details any personally identifiable or de-personalised data releases made by the Office for Data Release.

PHE is committed to informing the public about who we are disclosing data to and for what reasons. The Data Release Register is a record of all the personally identifiable or de-personalised data we have shared through the PHE Office for Data Release (ODR) with other organisations and demonstrates our commitment to openness, transparency, and accountability.

We publish details of each organisation we have released data to, alongside the type of data released, the legal basis for release and the purpose for which the data was provided.

Open data releases facilitated by the ODR are not recorded on the Data Release Register. Where it is possible to release data openly under an Open Government Licence, these resources will be published and searchable through

Since the launch of the Data Release Register in 2015, we have worked with patients and members of the public to understand and implement ways that the Register can be enriched to improve how everyone understands how PHE data is shared. In response to this valuable feedback, for release made from April 2017 onwards the Data Release Register has been updated to:

  • implement language used by the Understanding Patient Data Initiative to describe the identifiability of the data shared
  • mandate that all releases reported on the Register are accompanied by a lay summary: a lay summary is a brief summary of the project that explains the complex technical and scientific approaches being taken in a way that a general audience can understand
  • indicate whether patient opt-outs, as part of the National Opt-out Programme, have been applied to a specific release

Updates to the Data Release Register will occur on a quarterly financial year basis.


Office for Data Release

Maintains the data release register for UKHSA.

Data release register

Published 7 December 2015
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